Use Our Tips To Help Reduce The Risk Of Spreading COVID-19

Whether you live in a detached single-family home, a duplex, an apartment complex or a condominium building, there is a chance you may encounter your neighbors or touch the same surfaces they have touched.

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a strong emphasis on maintaining a safe distance from other people, practicing proper hygiene and sanitizing shared spaces and surfaces. These concepts apply to your neighborhood or multi-unit building, as well.

Keep reading to get our helpful tips to keep your neighborhood safe during Coronavirus.

Avoid Common Areas

A common area is anything from the business center in the leasing office of an apartment complex to a playground located in a subdivision of single-family homes.

Enclosed common areas are ideal breeding grounds for viruses because they have little-to-no ventilation. The heating and air conditioning ducts re-circulate the air that those who frequent these areas breathe. If someone coughs or sneezes, their germs have the perfect opportunity to land on the hands or in the mouth or nose of your neighbors or yourself.

Outdoor common areas may receive ventilation, but they pose their own hazards. Playground equipment is the perfect example. There is no telling how many children – and parents – have touched, sneezed or coughed on slides, swings and monkey bars.

Coronavirus can live on surfaces for two to three days. So, even if you do not encounter anyone else while in a common area, chances are, their germs are still present.

The best way to keep your neighborhood safe during Coronavirus is to avoid common areas altogether if possible. If you must use one, make sure you avoid touching surfaces and wash your hands as soon as you get home.

Stay Home As Much As You Can

“Social distancing” has become one of the buzz words associated with Coronavirus and for good reason. One of the most effective ways to diminish the disease’s power to spread is to avoid other people. This is especially important if you feel ill.

Aside from necessary trips, stay in your home. Doing so goes a long way in depriving the virus of people to infect. Use this time at home to catch up on household chores, get organized and bond with your family.


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