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We Compare & Save You On Average $796 Per Year On Your Home Insurance

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It Is Estimated That 3 Out Of 5 Homes In The United States Are Underinsured

Water damage is the cause of 35% of home insurance claims, wind damage is the reason behind 25% of claims and fires account for 23% of insurance claims costs. The cost of rebuilding, repairing or restoring your home has risen 50%. Without the proper level of coverage, any one of these situations could be devastating to your family.

Thankfully, you have an amazing form of protection available that will cover all of the aforementioned costs: a home insurance policy that provides full coverage for your needs and is affordable. You can get covered today by clicking the “Get Started” button, pressing the ENTER key or calling 833-568-6483 to obtain a home insurance quote comparison.

Some of the top insurance companies our clients choose are:

The Average Cost Of Home Insurance By State

Home insurance premiums differ from state to state, especially when you factor in what’s required for your specific needs. Here are a few examples from the nation’s tops states including Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia and Arizona. If these home insurance rates are about what you’re currently spending, then you need to give comparison insurance quotes a try now. You got nothing to lose, only lots of money to gain, so don’t wait.

Average Home Insurance Quote In Wisconsin

The average home insurance premium of $750 in Wisconsin falls well below the national average of $1,173.

Average Home Insurance Quote In Illinois

Illinois enjoys a low average home insurance premium of $987 compared to the $1,173 national average.

Average Home Insurance Quote In Arizona

With home premiums an average cost of $765, Wisconsin residents pay much less for insurance than the $1,173 national average.

Average Home Insurance Quote In Indiana

At $983, the average cost of home insurance in Indiana is significantly below the $1,173 national average.

Average Home Insurance Quote In Ohio

Ohioans enjoy a low average home insurance premium of $797 compared to the national average of $1,173.

Average Home Insurance Quote In Georgia

The national average of $1,173 is not that much higher than the $1089 average home insurance premium in Georgia.

What You Need To Know When Making A Comparison Of Home Insurance Quotes


The carriers we work with offer a wide variety of coverage including liability protection, personal property coverage, guest medical protection and dwelling coverage. And to ensure you are fully protected, we offer a $1,000,000 umbrella policy for around $145 per year.

Factors To Consider

It is not enough to get any type of home insurance. You must carry the right type of coverage for your individual situation in order to adequately protect your family. It is equally important for it to cover the costs of damage to your home from natural disasters and safeguard your family from a lawsuit if someone sustains an injury on your property.

Home Discounts

While home insurance is an essential investment, it does not have to cost you a lot of money. There are measures you can take to get discounts on your premium. Bundle your home and auto policies, obtain multiple quotes, improve your home’s security, make it more disaster-resistant and review the limits in your policy and the value of your possessions.

When It’s Required

In order to get loan approval from most lenders, potential homeowners must present proof that they have a sufficient amount of coverage to rebuild their home from the ground up if it is destroyed. In the vast majority of cases, lenders require borrowers to carry home insurance before they will finalize their mortgage.

If you follow the advice above and carefully consider all of the aforementioned factors, you will get affordable home insurance well suited to your needs to offer you full protection.

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